A Geographic View of World History


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The thirty-two lessons included here were created to supplement and enhance a standard World History curriculum and were designed primarily for students in their first or second year of high school. However, many of the lessons would also be appropriate for advanced middle school students enrolled in a World Geography course and for AP Geography students as well.  These lessons can be used as is, or by adopting key concepts or components into your own lesson plans. They can also be used as individual assignments, occasional group projects, or even as class activities or discussions. While history is primarily a temporal social science, geography is a spatial one. As long as their unique perspectives are appreciated and valued, when taken together they can be a truly powerful combination and the key to understanding our past, present, and future. My hope is that you will find these lessons and the concepts they contain both valuable and easy to use or adapt. I hope they refresh your own understanding of geography, but also engage students and help them reach a higher level of geographic literacy.  (2011)

You can follow Herb, The GeoMAN, online at http://geomanherb.tumblr.com/

The digital version of this publication is available from the National Council for Geographic Education www.ncge.org. We only have the print version of this publication available.

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