We have everything you need for Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day! (Around here, everyday is geo-aware day but we encourage the world-wide celebrations in November too!)


SMILE! Step 1, order signs as single signs or as a set. Step 2, gather your geo-crazy friends.  Step 3, smile and sing the praises of maps and the wonderful community of folks that make them!


Collect them all!  A button for every occasion with matching jewelry options too! You’ll be geo-fabulous year-round.


Make sure geography sticks with them.  Stickers make great giveaways for your geo-riffic event!


Books, lessons, games and more await your students of any age!  We’ll even give you a great deal for bulk orders!

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Need great geography resources?  Check out all the wonderful things over at NatGeo!


GIS Day is a wonderful way to celebrate how maps can solve problems!  Join the world-wide celebration on November 16, 2016!